Skillin‘ It (2020-present)

A series produced with Aiken Heart, Skillin’ It is a virtual skill share on all things filmmaking by way of intimate conversations with film industry professionals moderated by Coral Aiken and Jackie Batsinduka. Whether it’s how our guests  got their start, failures that have led to successes, and the best sweatpants to wear while watching your third criterion collection movie in a row, we talk about it all! We also spotlight emerging Canadian talents in #jackiescorner so you can say you know them before they made it big (you’re welcome).

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Episode 1... Alicia K. Harris

Episode 2... Heyishi Zhang

Episode 3... Kourtney Jackson

Episode 4... Aziz Zoromba & Carol Nguyen

Episode 5... Morgana McKenzie

Episode 6... Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

Episode 7... Emma Seligman

Episode 8... Gita Miller