Geni (2019)

Geni is writer, director, and star Jackie Batsinduka’s first fully crowded-funded project. A daughter estranged from her mother returns home to confront their past, and its intrinsic link to the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsis. Starring opposite her mother, this is Batsinduka’s most personal story yet.

Official selection at Regent Park Film Festival 2019, Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Montreal Black Film Festival 2020, and screened by the Feminist Art Collective, the Humming Collective, and Listen, Explore & Learn.

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Director, Writer & Star ····· Jackie Batsinduka
Producer ····· Rebecca Rogers
Director of Photography ····· Nancy Pettincchio

Bonin’ (2017)

A romantic comedy in the style of the 1960s French New Wave, Bonin’ follows the love affair between Boo and Zeik, two schnauzers who meet after their owners match on Tinder. With its tongue-and-cheek approach, Bonin’ tells the story of finding puppy love in an age of dating apps and casual hookups.

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Director & Writer ····· Jackie Batsinduka
Director of Photography ····· Bethy Moncion

Editor ····· Zoé Realffe-Dagenais

Offbeat (2016)

What happens when you and your romantic partner are no longer in rhythm with each other? Following an interracial couple’s nightly routine, Offbeat represents how differing racial identities can affect a romantic relationship. Inspired by a moment in writer-director Jackie Batsinduka’s childhood, the film offers insight on what it’s like for minorities to become self-aware of their position in society.

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Director & Writer ······ Jackie Batsinduka
Director of Photography ····· Nadim Gizabi
Sound ····· Camille St-Laurent

Editor ····· Chloe Mackenzie-Lee